Pure Essentials started in my kitchen in Columbus, Ohio.  I am an esthetician by trade and a mother to two beautiful kiddos. I was once a serial consumer of anything skincare. I've always loved the research, the ingredients and the benefits from using the correct products.  

When I became pregnant with my second child, I took a lot of time making sure that I was eating the right foods and getting enough nutrients during pregnancy.  I read food labels and then expanded into reading my skin care labels.  I was shocked.  The ingredients list in 'natural' products were full parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances and some nasty chemicals.  

I decided to do some extensive research and whip up the skin care essentials in my kitchen.  I made baby care products for my kids and made a couple essentials for myself.  My sons eczema cleared up and my skin had never felt so firm and nourished.  I started handing out products to friends and family because they actually worked.  Pure Essentials was born.