So, if I can be completely transparent and honest, I bought a dry brush four years ago...and never used it. 

Somewhere down the internet rabbit hole, I stumbled upon this ancient self-care ritual called dry brushing. The article I read touted that it helped circulation, rid your body of cellulite and most importantly exfoliated your body. I was sold, I ran out and bought a long-handled dry brush. Essentially the brush is just a bristled body brush. Some come adorned with a long handle to reach those hard to reach places. It was $4 at my local Marshalls. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it....then I threw it in my closet. It stayed hidden among my spare sheets for four years. Poor girl. Last week when rifling through my closet to find an extra pillowcase the brush fell at my feet. It was fate. I decided to put her to good use and dedicated to five days of dry brushing.  

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a somewhat crunchy granola cleanse for your skin. Cleanses are circling us in every aspect of the self-care world, so it's no surprise dry brushing has come in to make an impact. Here's how it works. You strip down and use a stiff-bristled brush to gently brush and massage your body. Always brushing up your legs, around your torso and up your arms. Easy way to remember the right way to brush - always brush towards your heart.  

Why do it?

Here are the top three benefits that caught my attention.


When using the brush against dry skin you are better able to slough off dead skin cells since there isn't another variable at play like water. The bristles gently brush off dead skin, help unclog pores and reveal smoother and more hydrated skin. 


The act of dry brushing helps to activate circulation, even if just for a short time.  


It is said to give your body a little pick me up. Stimulating blood flow can wake up your nervous system and helps to give you that invigorating feeling.



I broke out my neglected dry brush on Monday. I work out in the mornings, so I had planned to dry brush after the gym and right before my shower. Day one was a learning curve day for me. I stripped down and started brushing from my legs to my torso. I think my pressure was a little harsh because it was a bit irritating so I switched to a gentle brushing and all went well after that. There was no noticeable flaking of skin, just an overall pink that washed over my skin, but the color went away after a few minutes. The next few days were easy. Dry brushing takes about four minutes so it was really easy to stick to it. It wasn't like I was trying to adapt to a new workout routine or like I was cutting out sugar. It was four minutes and done. I always did it in the morning after my workout and before my shower. 



It absolutely made my skin smoother! It makes sense though. 

I am an avid user of exfoliates for my face. I use a cleansing grain every day to slough off my dead skin cells and use glycolic acid to help with my cell turnover. Sadly, I ignore the skin on my body. Sure, I use body butter but I’ve never thought to exfoliate. I think it helped keep my pores clean of debris and I could tell a difference. I kept rubbing my arms and thinking; ‘wow, they are smoother’.


The biggest surprise to me was how invigorated I felt.

 I’m not sure if it was because I worked out before dry brushing and I already had the endorphins flowing but dry brushing gave me a serious kick. I was stimulating my nervous system by literally brushing my nerve endings. It was like having the feeling of your first sips of coffee before it happens. To be fair, any self-care will give you a happy little feeling. It feels good to take care of yourself and the dry brushing was almost like a meditative massage.




Yes, yes I will. It takes very little time, it's very inexpensive and I enjoy the benefits. I do not feel that it helps rid your body of cellulite or will it have a huge impact on your lymphatic system, but it does have benefits. It did make me feel good, it exfoliated and I think it gave my circulation a little kick. Anything that involves self-care is a win in my book. 


If you want to jump headfirst into dry brushing, I made a little diagram below to help you concur your adventure. Go grab yourself a dry brush (you can find them at most grocery stores) and get brushing. 



Much love,


CEO & Founder of Pure Essentials


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